Origins nutrition advocates traditional diets and the dietary wisdom of indigenous peoples and their

pre-modernized food systems.  It integrates the work of researchers such as Dr Weston A Price who proved that our modern food system is greatly responsible for chronic illnesses and who accurately predicted the modern health crisis.

The key principles of Origins Nutrition eating are:

  • Health comes from the soil. This means acquiring our food from regenerative,  small scale, local farmers and eating seasonally available foods.

  • High fat, but quality fat. Moderate carb, but quality carb. 

  • Intermittent fasting - naturalizing eating times.

  • The fat soluble vitamins – A,D,E & K

  • Eating 50% raw both plant and animal foods.

  • Fermented foods

  • Organic organ meats

  • Bone broth

  • The importance of Seaweed

  • Properly prepared, soaked and sprouted traditional grains

  • The traditional means of cleansing the body for eg fasting, purging and the use of cleansing herbs. 


*Dr Price's book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is a recommended read for anyone considering this healing lifestyle.