Pierre's Journey   

I became drawn to the subject of natural health and human potential as a young man whilst still in High school.    

Influenced by my mother, a nurse with a deep intuition for natural healing, as well as the passing of my maternal grandparents to cancer - I pursued my curiosity to understand as much as possible on the topics human health and longevity. 

At the age of nineteen I travelled to South East Asia where I lived and travelled for seven years, devoting all my time to the exploration and study of classic healing arts including meditation, Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung, Nutrition and Bodywork.  

In my early twenties whilst studying with various teachers,  I achieved certifications in: Body Stress Release, Yoga, Tai Chi and, Chi Kung , Traditional Thai Massage and Nutritional Therapy.  

During my travels I maintained an explorative approach to nutrition, studying and following a wide range of popular nutritional philosophies and protocols systematically over time. However, In my mid twenties I overcame a serious acute digestive condition whilst following the guidance of a traditional diets expert. Doctors told me I could only cure this condition via surgery, yet I was able to heal it through nutrition. This experience led me to discover the true power of traditional food, and my devotion and fascination with the health and nutritional wisdom of indigenous people became greatly inspired. Since then my focus on nutritional therapy has been solely on traditional diets and the work of Dr Weston A Price. 

Influenced by my friend and mentor, naturalist and nature film maker Craig Foster; the idea that the primary factor for human wellbeing was our mimicking and connection to our human origins began to dawn on me.  

Over the years I have become increasingly interested in the complete picture of our human origins as the true map to human health and wellbeing. Continual explorations of ancient healing concepts including deep nature connection, cold thermogenesis, shamanism, plant medicines and natural movement have gradually revealed ever more of the modern human health crisis to me.


My conviction is that we are designed for vibrant health and longevity, yet our indifference to our human origins is leading us away from this heritage of good health and ever deeper into a culture of mental and physical disease and great suffering.  

I now proudly share the philosophy of Origins Wellness and teach the Origins Wellness practices to anyone who is serious about taking control of their health.

I wish good health and joy for all beings and for our human race to remember and honour their origins.