Family Systems

Family Systems healing represents one of the most fundamental and exciting aspects of understanding ancient and indigenous approaches to health and wellbeing.

Family Systems Healing works with the energetic field of the family system, known as the morphogenic field. This refers to the phenomenon of the invisible force that can be observed in the way large schools of fish or flocks of birds are able to move in complete unison. 

Our individual selves are impacted by the patterns and dynamics within the morphogenic field as the collective genetic family.  This field is also invariably influenced by previous trans-generational events and traumas of the family lineage. If there have been exclusions ie unnatural deaths, or "unseen" family members due to shame or grief - our mental health and wellbeing is very likely to be impacted. Through the process of seeing, acknowledging and honouring these events, healing can begin.   

Throughout the ancient and indigenous world, across all cultures, a strong emphasis was made on ''honouring the ancestors''.  The bible speaks about "the sins of the father that will be passed on".These type of ancient references point to the wisdom of our need to heal beyond just the self. We are required to include the past for the benefit of the present and the future. Energetic Family Systems is a logical and profound healing method. 

As an African Traditional Healer, Family Constellations facilitator and nurse of 40 years,  Margo is able to help clients navigate through deep emotional waters. This helps them to recognise how the morphogenic field and past family events may be impacting on their current health and wellbeing.


Margo will walk with you on your journey and guide you to respectfully release, honour and include events and people - giving them the rightful place that they deserve. This creates a sense of belonging and wholeness in the individual and family system.  

These sessions are available both in person and online.

Margo's ancestral name is Gogo Mlomo. "Gogo" is the Xhosa language word meaning Grandmother and "Mlomo" means "the Mouth" or "the Voice".