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Origins Wellness is a complete system in integrated natural health designed by Jubee from his diverse experience as a holistic practitioner combined with his long term interest in Human Origins and indigenous people's wisdoms. 

Origins Wellness calls attention to the link between our human origins and human health, emphasising the connection between the essential principles of natural healing, and the original human design.


Origins practices

The Origins Wellness Strategy for optimal health in a toxic modern world setting includes:


Origins Movement is based on the understanding that our modern urban/city environment has interfered with our connection to natural human movement. Our physiology has been weakened by modern luxurious sitting surfaces, a sedentary lifestyle as well as a hyper activation ‘’postural fear reflex’’ caused by an achievement focused culture. Origins movement is a playful approach to exercise with a focus on gradually challenging ourselves in the elements of nature.


Origins Movement is comprised of the below practices:

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"I was so very fortunate to do a number of sessions with Jubee in November 2019.


During my time working with Jubee I more or less got rid of my nausea and headaches, and regained some of my energy."

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— Anita Wågsæther


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